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When your foal is born, he inherits immediate disease protection through his vaccinated dam's colostrum. But eventually those maternal antibodies decline, and your foal needs the added protection that only comes through proper immunization.

Work with your veterinarian to develop a customized vaccination schedule that takes into account your region of the country, endemic diseases on your farm and your foal's risk of disease exposure. Preventing disease through a strategic vaccination program is safer, easier and more economical than treating the sick foal.

Timing of the first vaccinations is critical. The maternally derived colostral antibodies that provide the foal with temporary protection are the same antibodies that prevent the foal from mounting an acceptable immune response to vaccines that are administered too early.

Click here for a brief summary of the most common diseases and recommended vaccination timings.

Keep track of it.
Click here for the Merck Animal Health Foal Care ProgramSM Vaccination Record. It's the ideal place to keep track of your foal's first year of immunizations. You can print it, or create an account and store your information electronically.