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Sign up for automatic Healthcare e-mail reminders from We'll make sure you don't miss the crucial timings for vaccinations, deworming and more - from your breeding date through your foal's first birthday. You can expect an e-mail about every one to two months.

Topics covered include:

  • Mare and foal vaccinations
  • Mare and foal deworming
  • Mare and foal nutrition
  • Signs of impending delivery


Not a FoalCare member yet? Follow these steps to start receiving your Healthcare reminders

  • Create your account by clicking the “Sign up” icon above
  • After you completed the registration form, you will receive an activation email. Click in the link provided in that email to activate your account
  • Come back on and log on your account using your Email and password
  • After you have logged on, click on “Add a horse” in the left menu
  • Fill in the required information. After you indicate the “Horse type” you’ll be prompted to additional questions to activate the reminder service.

Already are a FoalCare member?

  • Log on to your account
  • If you are enrolling a new horse, follow the steps described above
  • If you wish to enroll a horse with a profile already created, click on “Edit” at the extreme right of the horse’s name.
  • In the profile page, new fields are available according to the “Horse type”. Fill in the additional fields to activate the reminder service for that horse.
  • If there is no field, make sure you have selected the appropriate "Horse type". Note that we do not offer the service yet for "Other adult", only for mare and foal.
  • Repeat the steps above for all horses you wish to enroll.

Of course, we respect your privacy and will not sell or provide your information to entities outside Intervet or its affiliated companies.


Download useful tools right here.

Keeping track of your vaccinations and deworming is easier than ever thanks to the Intervet Foal Care ProgramSM record-keeping system. You can either create an account and save your information right here or download and print these forms.

Tools Available
Adult Horse Deworming Record
Adult Horse Immunization Record
Mare/Foal Healthcare Scheduling Calendar
Mare Immunization Record
Mare Deworming Record
Foal Immunization Record
Foal Deworming Record
Foal Deworming Schedule
Foal Growth Chart
Growth & Farrier Record