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Ask for flu vaccines updated to help protect against today's strains.

The 2007 equine influenza (EI) outbreak in Australia serves as an important reminder of how the disease can cripple the horse industry in a matter of months.


Just because your horse is up-to-date on his vaccinations doesn’t mean he’s protected against today’s influenza strains. Often times new strains of EI emerge, which is why it’s so important to ask your veterinarian for Merck Animal Health updated equine influenza vaccines, such as Prestige® II, Prestige® V and Encevac® TC-4. They help protect against the most relevant American and Eurasian flu strains.


Equine influenza is the most economically important respiratory disease in horses. Studies show 66 percent of viral respiratory disease infections are equine influenza.1 Extremely contagious, with a high infection rate, influenza can sideline a horse for weeks and even months.


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Ask for flu vaccines from Merck Animal Health,
updated to protect against today’s strains.


1Mumford EL, Traub-Dagartz JL, Salman MD et al.: Monitoring and detection of acute viral respiratory tract disease in horses. JAVMA, vol. 213, No. 3, Pp. 385-390, Aug. 1, 1998.